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Tom Rosenmayer founded Silpara Technologies in 2019 to overcome the barriers to performance in natural rubber products. In 2020, Brian O’Connell was brought aboard to help commercialize Silpara’s radical new nanocomposite. This innovative nanocomposite solves the number  one pain point in optimal truck and bus tire performance: polymer-filler interactions that occur in natural rubber product formulations.



Tom Rosenmayer PhD, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Tom is responsible for all research and development functions at Silpara. He brings 25 years of experience in the business and technology development of specialty materials at IBM, W. L. Gore & Associates, and Lehigh Technologies. Tom joined Lehigh as a late stage start-up, helping grow revenue over 3x, and participated in a successful exit via acquisition by Michelin in 2017. At Lehigh, his teams developed and commercialized multiple award-winning new products (all sustainable materials) to the very same group of companies targeted by SILPARA.

Tom’s new business development experience includes 11 US patents.

Brian O'Connell, Chief Commercialization Officer

Brian is responsible for all commercial and financial functions at Silpara. Brian brings over 25 years of experience as a senior business executive, providing leadership across multiple business functions and global regions for Fortune 500 companies. Brian’s experience in corporate acquisition, post-merger synergy, international regulatory filings, and intellectual property maintenance are valuable assets in supporting Silpara’s growth strategy.

Ken Stout, Advisor

Ken has 30 years of experience in consumer-packaged goods, managing companies from early-stage development all the way to international distribution. He brings extensive experience in sales and marketing to his advisory role with Silpara, along with a keen knowledge of production processes and facilities. Ken provides a strong ability to unify the sales, marketing, production and finance departments during rapid change and growth.

Investors, Partners, External Advisors


National Science Foundation

Private Investment

Catholic Order of Foresters


ACE Laboratories


Compass Truck Rental & Leasing

Foam Products Corp.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Hexpol Compounding


Rice Biswall Laboratory



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+1 (336) 392-6877