Nanotechnology for Tires

Nanotech for Tires

Sustainable Mobility

By bringing advanced renewable elastomers to market, Silpara is addressing three main sustainability objectives with the transportation sector:

1. Durable, longer lasting tires for trucks and buses including tires specially designed for electric vehicle applications.

2. Greater fuel efficiency through increased use of EPA SmartWay low rolling resistance treads in truck, bus and heavy duty electric vehicle tire applications.

3. Increased sustainability through longer lasting, rewewable materials.

Durable, Efficient, Renewable Tread Materials


Silpara Molecular Composite’s offer fleet operators a product choice to simultaneously reduce fuel consumption related to rolling resistance, extend tire life, thereby improving operating costs and sustainability.

SMC in the Mix

Today’s heavy duty tire formulations have reached a performance limit where rolling resistance gains come at the cost of wear, abrasion or wet traction.

Silpara Molecular Composites enable simultaneous improvements in several dimensions critical to tire performance – rolling resistance and wear/abrasion,  without sacrificing wet grip properties.

SMC is not a typical masterbatch. It is a replacement for raw natural rubber in recipes that require further addition of silica to achieve greater durability, efficiency and renewability.

  • Tire Wear Improvement Potential 90% 90%
  • Rolling Resistance Improvement Potential 40% 40%


Rolling resistance accounts for up to 30% of the energy use in heavy duty vehicles. Silpara’s SMCs enable energy savings by offering market leading low rolling resistance in natural rubber tires.

SMC’s nanoscale reinforcement network dramatically increases durability and tire life.

SMC material can easily added to OEM tire recipes and to retread tire recipes, creating new product line opportunities in both markets.

Savings with SMC in the Mix

Up to 4% Fuel Savings

Up to 90% Longer Tire Life


Truck and Bus Tire Materials

Electric Bus Tire Materials


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